Friday, 14 November 2014

How do doctors judge you are infertile??

No doubt doctors know all the medical system. If they wouldn’t , they haven’t been “Doctors” “The Risk Saviour “ for sure .If you have been trying for so long to get a family or to get a cute little toddle at your home then an infertility check-up is a must firstly so as to know what is wrong?
First of all RELAX!! Nothing to worry about!! There are many infertility clinics in Delhi who have experienced doctors. Do not get frightened with a doctor .A doctor is just a normal human being like you it’s just that they are more knowledgeable and specialized about your problem. 
infertility clinics in Delhi

They will just do an infertility check-up and that is just not rocket science!! The check-up involves a physical check-up .He will ask about your sexual history .Generally, this small physical test ,minor medicines and counseling will help you out. But, in few cases doctors might have to take few more tests.

 The test of men is quite easy doctors usually just check the semen. They consider the:
  •     Shape of semen.
  •     Sperm counts.
  •     Movement
  •     In few cases there might be a blood test to test the level of man’s hormones.

In women “Ovulation” plays a very vital role thus it becomes important for doctors to know when the women is ovulating in each month. There are many ways one can check the time when you are ovulating:
  •  Temperature: you are asked to check your body temperature every morning for several months. As the research states that when the women is about to ovulate or is close to ovulation there is a hike in the temperature of the body.
  •   Cervical Mucus: It’s another way to know when you are close to ovulation.
  •   Ovulation Kits: These kits are available in the drug stores.
  •   The infertility clinics in Delhi help us to know that ovulation can also be checked with the help of “blood test” or with the help of ultrasound as well. If with the test the ovulation is tracked down as normal, then another test is recommended by the doctors. Some common tests of fertility in women includes:


It is also known as the HSG .It is one of a kind radiology procedure which helps to find if there is any in of blockage that might be creating a problem to get proper ovulation. 

Surrogacy in Delhi

It is a small ray of uterus and Fallopian tube which helps to know where the blockage is .A blockage could be the major reason that can make the sperm unable to meet the egg.


Under this process, there is a small cut made in the lower abdomen. It is just a small minor surgery in which the laparoscope is inserted to check the ovaries and Fallopian tube, this process helps in finding out any uterus disease as well. 

Surrogacy cost in India
Mother and Baby
May be you might think you are fit and fine from outside but maybe it won't be the true truth.
Finding the exact cause of infertility is a bit tough task but you need to be “patient” and you will be alright.


Wednesday, 24 September 2014

How IVF treatment can make you getting pregnant

The word infertility is completely linked with those thousand's of happily married couple leading to an unanswered question of mystery and frustration. On an average by a survey conducted on infertilityafflicts 10-20% of the couples who are the sufferers and is still having a boom of increase because the latest way of living the lifestyle, urbanization, pollution, stress by pressure involved to live a luxurious life, the chemically adultrated foods, career oriented lifestyle, settling their lives at late 30s and 40s. 
  On an average this has been confirmed by the doctors of India who are Fertility Experts that out of ten couples almost 6 couples are suffering from intense infertility problems.It is an advice from the fertility doctors that if a couple has been unfortunate and unsuccessful in achieving pregnancy even after one year of unprotected intercourse,its is a certain advice that both partners must go through a comprehensive physical and medical assessment to know the reasons where the thing is going wrong.thus, after examination if its clear that they need to be assisted through IVF or assisted reproduction they must go for it. This is a fact that more the delay, the more will be the complications increase with their growing age.

 We all aware with the fact that sometimes even the god all mighty can be helpless and realizing that sometimes even nature needs a little help the technology of IVF treatments in Delhi has given new smiles to so may unhappy couples. Every lady is blessed with a god's gift to become pregnant and be a mother of a child. Thus the latest IVF treatments done by IVF doctors, embryologists and nursing staffs use their decades of experience on you so that you people can get smiles. The IVF treatments in Delhi the fertility services offer a comprehensive range of IVF, they follow the most scientific, modernized equipments, the modern practices in fertility medicines, ICSI, IMSI and even Electro-ejaculation. The best about these treatments are that they are executed step by step.
The Fertility clinics helps you to get what you have dreamt of. With the advancement in In Virto Fertilization (IVF) has given the process of Assisted reproductive technologies a good success rate as a results more and more couples are opting for this and making their family a happy family. The IVF treatment in India is becoming the first choice for many because of globally low cost and more comparable success rates.
IVF clinics in Delhi
Ultrasound-Monitoring during IVF cycle

The good quality Laboratory controls are stringent, thus welcoming more and more international patients to choice India as an option for test tube babies. The IVF clinics in Delhi the IVF solutions provided by them are giving markable results because of their advanced international standards, followed by good success rates, treatments being individualized thus giving smiles not only in India but Globally. Thus, with the recent advancements in the management of infertility the couples now can realize their dream more reliable and with high success rate. Thus, now the option is in your hands now everything is possible under one roof to make your dreams come true to get your baby in a very short period of time. The fertility centers in India are well renowned and oldest to solve almost all types of infertility problems. The outstanding success rates almost 35-40% with the aim to provide best and authentic medical services, competitive services of international standards at a very affordable price. Thus the smiles are just few ways ahead of you, don't think much grab your chance to become pregnant and bring all those smiles back.